Financial Aid

Valley United offers a limited number of financial scholarships each year. To apply for a scholarship, please read our Scholarship Policy and apply using the online form below.

Scholarship Policy

  1. The Board shall determine, each year, the total dollars to budget for financial scholarships (if any).  Scholarships in excess of this amount shall not be awarded.
  2. Scholarships are available to both academy, indoor, recreational and travel team players.  Scholarships are not available for our adult programs or camps.
  3. Scholarships applicants shall be asked to provide information describing the reason for their request.
  4. All scholarship applications shall be kept confidential.  A Board member designated by the President will make scholarship decisions and only Board officers shall be provided information on scholarship awards.
  5. Scholarship awards generally shall not exceed 50% of the team registration costs.  Per item 2 above, additional costs for tournaments, State Cup, travel expenses, uniforms, and other expenses in excess of the team registration costs, shall be the scholarship recipient’s sole responsibility.
  6. A scholarship award in one year is, in no way, a guarantee of a scholarship award in a future year.  The availability of scholarships and the size of the awards (if any) may vary from year to year.
  7. Each scholarship recipient is expected to complete volunteer hours for Valley United in consideration of the scholarship received.  These volunteer hours may be field setup and breakdown, or other jobs as determined by the Board.  Any scholarship recipient who does not complete the requested volunteer hours shall be ineligible to receive a scholarship in future years.
  8. Any and all exceptions to the above policies may be made only with the approval of the Board.
  9. Valley United reserves the right to modify the above policies from time to time or to eliminate them at any time at its discretion.