The Valley United Recreational Soccer Program, in conjunction with the Roanoke County Parks & Recreation Department, is the best way for children from 6-18 years old to be introduced to and cultivate a love for soccer. Children of all ages are coached to learn basic soccer skills in an environment that supports sportsmanship and healthy competition.


As much as we would like to accept any child into our program, there are certain restrictions placed on our club by the local youth sports organizations. Valley United Recreational Soccer is open to all youth aged U7-U19 who reside within the boundary lines for the following elementary schools:

  • Back Creek
  • Bent Mountain
  • Cave Spring
  • Clearbrook
  • Green Valley
  • Oak Grove
  • Penn Forest

Residents of other parts of Roanoke County, Roanoke City and Salem City need to contact their Parks and Recreation Department to locate a club that serves their area. 

Exception to the above jurisdictional requirements: If you attend a public county school within Roanoke County that is within our jurisdictional boundaries, but do not live in this area, you may participate on a Valley United Roanoke County team. However, you will be assessed an extra athletic fee by Roanoke County which allows you to participate in all youth sport programs in Roanoke County.