James Hill - Coach Profile

James Hill

Please state your CURRENT coaching position and how long you've been at that role. 
Head Coach 6 seasons with Valley 

What other roles have you been in/currently serve at Valley? How long have(had) you been in those roles?
Head Coach. U-13 -U-18 boys 6 seasons. 

Please list any previous soccer playing history, college play if applicable, and any coaching licenses you currently hold.

  • Starter at NRU.
  • Starter at Blacksburg HS.
  • College offers at D-2 and D-3. Chose to go to VT instead.
  • Grass Roots licenses. 

Please list any other soccer coaching experience you've had/currently have.

  • Coached for NRU as an assistant for 8 seasons.
  • Head coach at NRU for 2 seasons
  • Assistant coach at Blacksburg H.S. 2 seasons.
  • Head coach SOCA 2 seasons.
  • Head coach VAFC 6 seasons. 

What is your coaching philosophy? How do you inspire your players to perform their best on and off the field? *
High individual effort for a team goal. Pride in themselves, the ability to be unified as a team. They play for their teammates. 

Please use this place to highlight anything else you wish to showcase about yourself or the club.
I have coached a team to State Cup final 4. I know the effort and energy needed to compete at a high level.  I have helped take a team that loses more then they win, to winning more then they lose. Engaging with players and allowing them to take pride and ownership over their results.