Nathaniel Scere

Please state your CURRENT coaching position and how long you've been at that role. 
Assistant Director 

What other roles have you been in/currently serve at Valley? How long have(had) you been in those roles?
one year

Please list any previous soccer playing history, college play if applicable, and any coaching licenses you currently hold.
Club, High school, College and Semi Pro 

Please list any other soccer coaching experience you've had/currently have.
Student Assistant for College, High school head coach

Do you have any other hobbies/interests away from soccer?
Running, Hiking, Biking, Gym, Swimming, Camping, Travelling, Art, and Reading. 

Why did you choose to coach for Valley? What do you enjoy the most about coaching for our club? 
The ideal of soccer for all, a club where every kid is treated and given the same attention no matter their skills level. I enjoy developing the players in the club.

Please highlight a favorite/memorable coaching moment you've had with the club. 
My favorite is my boys being very competitive against an ECL team in North Carolina 

What is your coaching philosophy? How do you inspire your players to perform their best on and off the field? 
My coaching philosophy changes base on players and team needs, the game is evolutionary.The game is the teacher, I am the guide.   Talent is not enough anymore, hard work is the key to success. 

Please use this place to highlight anything else you wish to showcase about yourself or the club.
When we chose "Soccer for All" as our motto we really meant it. We have something to offer the four year old who looks quizzically at his first pair of shin guards to the eighteen year old who looks proudly at the college jersey she's worked so hard to earn… and every child in between.