Steve Simon

Please state your CURRENT coaching position and how long you've been at that role. 
U16 Girls Green Head Coach - 3 years

What other roles have you been in/currently serve at Valley? How long have(had) you been in those roles?
Coaching since 2006 with Valley AFC from Academy, Recreation and Travel all age groups both boy and girls

Please list any previous soccer playing history, college play if applicable, and any coaching licenses you currently hold.
Playing soccer since 7 years old and continue to play in the adult league as a team captain. “D” License and Grass Roots Coach.

Please list any other soccer coaching experience you've had/currently have.
Head Coach Cave Spring Middle School Girls - current

Do you have any other hobbies/interests away from soccer?
Spending time with the family and lake life

Why did you choose to coach for Valley? What do you enjoy the most about coaching for our club? 
My son started at Valley in the Little Striker Program and we fell in love with Valley AFC’s commitment to soccer and the player. Now my son is in college and my daughter is finishing her last year. Great character building while providing exceptional soccer training. 

Please highlight a favorite/memorable coaching moment you've had with the club. 
Watching my son’s U19 team develop from the youngest age and him having life long friends moving forward who still play soccer together in college.

What is your coaching philosophy? How do you inspire your players to perform their best on and off the field? 
Never settle, strife for perfection but achieve excellence through hard-work, positive encouragement, and caring for the player to be successful on and off the field. 

Please use this place to highlight anything else you wish to showcase about yourself or the club.
Valley AFC/United develops great players but more importantly the Club develops great citizens of character and future leaders.