Senior Testimonials

Aubrey Billings (Valley United 02G Green)

Cave Spring High School – Class of 2021

"Over the past 11 years, Valley has become a second family to me. They have pushed me to become the player and person I am today. They have made it possible for my dreams to come true to play at the next level at Ferrum College. They have improved my skill level more than what I thought was possible. Valley has taught me what it means to be a true leader both on and off the field."

Maddy Chitwood (Valley United 02G Green)

Franklin County High School – Class of 2021

"I started playing for Valley when I was 8 years old. Right from the start, I knew this club felt like a family. Over the years I have been trained by some of the best coaches who have changed both my game and me personally. Valley allows players like me to advance and play at a higher level of competition. In addition, they have helped teach me the importance of a strong work ethic and sportsmanship. Everyone at Valley, from the coaches, players, and parents, have inspired me to pursue my dreams at the college level. As I begin a new chapter at the University of Lynchburg I will carry with me the foundation that was formed at Valley United."

Dalton Kaminski (Valley United 02B Green)

Northside High School – Class of 2021

"Valley has been a part of my life since I was a kid. I would proudly say they helped shape me into the person I am today. Work ethics, responsibility, and leadership are some of the key things I have learned throughout my time with Valley."

Makayla Metzler (Valley United 02G Green)

Hidden Valley High School – Class of 2021

"I’ve been with Valley ever since I was seven years old starting with rec league.  Ever since I started playing valley they have really helped me work on all of the fundamental skills I needed to now succeed when I’m older on the field. All of the coaches I have had were always willing to stay after with me to shoot.   Even when I was little, Tom (Brown) would stay after so we could all play crossbar. Valley has also helped me with what I do off the field and has brought me really good friends that I have grown up with through the team."

Kayla Fedison (Valley United 02G Green)

Hidden Valley High School – Class of 2021

"Valley AFC has taught me far beyond soccer skills and proper field positioning. Thorough travel soccer, I have grown tremendously in confidence, perseverance, and communication. I have majorly improved in my soccer ability through Valley AFC, but more importantly I developed interpersonal skills from both teammates and coaches that I wouldn’t have been able to learn anywhere else. Valley AFC allowed me to grow as a soccer teammate and has given me the skills necessary to advance to the next chapter of my life."

Dylan Copeland (Valley United 02G Green)

Salem High School – Class of 2021

"Valley United soccer club has been a huge part of my life. I began playing for the club when I was 8 years old and there are coaches who have been great mentors for me and have given me positive encouragement. I am 17 years old now and was recruited by VMI women’s soccer, and my Valley teammates and coaches are being very supportive through this process and are also helping me to prepare for this exciting next challenge in my life. My coach, Cory Carroll has always been there for me, and Coach Tom Brown added me to his squad when I was 11 years old. Both coaches treated me very well and made me feel like a special player. I am grateful to both of these coaches. My teammates are like family and they are always encouraging me to be the best I can be. I am grateful for the club and hope to give back to the club in the future."

Ian Rich (Valley United 02B Green)

Class of 2021

“I would say that for me as a homeschooler it’s nice to be able to be part of a team from a bunch of different schools.  I love how the team has bonded over the past few years and how we are always striving to be the best.  This has helped me in multiple ways and given me the confidence to be the best that I can be as a teammate and in my personal life.”

Ella Scoville (Valley United 02G Green)

Patrick Henry High School – Class of 2020

“Playing for valley has given me the opportunity to find my love for soccer again and be surrounded by coaches who genuinely want me to be successful as a person and a player.  As a player who quit, Valley provided me with the chance to remember why I love playing.  Valley has given me the opportunity to not only play soccer, but also grow immensely as a person.  I have also had the chance to pursue opportunities as a coach and share my love of soccer.  I have loved my time playing for Valley and am grateful for the opportunities I have been given as a player to play one last time.”

Madalyn Cook (Valley United 02G Green)

Lord Botetourt High School – Class of 2021

“Being a part of Valley United has instilled leadership, self-confidence, and determination which I have been able to apply not just on the field, but in my personal life as well, setting me up for a lifetime of success.”

Mackenzie Tuck 

Lord Botetourt High School - Class of 2020

“Valley AFC has helped me become the person I am today by giving me life lessons of respect, responsibility, and character. I believe these all relate to each other for on and off the field personality. Each day I went to practice and respected my coaches.  I became more responsible for bringing soccer equipment and having all my schoolwork done for me to play, and I have a better character off the field because of the decisions I made on the field.”

Carleigh Booth 

Lord Botetourt High School - Class of 2020

“Valley has shown me through the many years that I played, what friendship and family means.  I could have never wished for a better community to grow up in and thrive in.  Valley has taught me discipline and leadership on and off the field.  Valley has also taught me what I have to do to keep my composure when something is not going my way and to just keep going and keep playing.  Most of all, Valley has showed me love and I will never forget this one game and we lost in the championship and everyone just hugged me and told me to keep my head up.”

Skylar Mathis 

William Byrd High School - Class of 2020

“Valley AFC has helped me to become the person I am today! Valley has helped me on the field by teaching me leadership skills and helped me work hard to be able to make it to the collegiate level. Off the field, Valley has helped me make friendships that lasted out of soccer practices. It also gave me coaches to look up to and ask for advice outside out the club. Valley AFC has supported me throughout my years with the club and helped me in so many ways!”

Emily Smith

Northside High School - Class of 2020

“I would say Valley AFC pushed me to be a better player mentally and physically and showed me how well a team can play when they play together and for each other. That’s also helped me form great friendships off the field that I hope to have for a lifetime.”

Jeddie Dawson 

Hidden Valley High School - Class of 2020

“Valley helped me realize that hard work really does pay off, so if you really want something you need to put in the work.  It also taught me that a team is made up of many different abilities and skills, so every individual always makes a difference."

Jenna Rozenboom

William Byrd High School - Class of 2019

“Valley AFC has shaped me into the person I am today. The program grew my confidence, compassion, teamwork skills, as well as my love for the game. The coach’s sole intention is to help develop players to love the game and do well in life. Valley AFC taught me many life lessons and showed me that giving up is never an option no matter how hard it gets. This program pushed me to be the best I can be, and as a result I am now in my second year of college soccer! When I started playing at valley I wasn’t confident and I hated the game. After breaking through my shell, me my teammates and coaches grew into so much more than just a team. We were a family and I will never forget that bond.”